Shanghai, a plane flew to fly the first five people to determine the identity of the passengers

Reporters in the plane hit the bridge accident to see

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Xi'an Institute of Finance and Economics suspects can not get a diploma hanging in the dormitory

The cause of the incident may not get a diploma

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Shooting the tragedy: the man caught the pistol trigger killed 14-year-old son

William Brenby's 24-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter are also shooting field

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Yungui railway two construction train collision caused by more than 2 dead injury

Yun Gui Railway two construction train collided to the death of two people were injured more than 14 days

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Henan Jiyuan a car with a collision 3 car has caused two deaths (Figure)

Fire officers and soldiers have two trapped people carried out

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The sword of the sword of the disease

Aibo Nuo De artificial crystal to become China's aid to Africa's medical supplies

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Libyan opposition council announced a preliminary agreement to reach a coalition government

A delegation of the Libyan National Assembly, supported by representatives of the Libyan National Congress recognized by the international community and religious forces, has recently engaged in a dialogue on the formation of a national unity government in Tunisia

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Xi Jinping Meets with Arab League Secretary General Arabi

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Arab League Secretary-General Araby in Cairo

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"After 80" proficient in radio organization an examination fraud can buy Audi

This is not the first time to pay a fraud

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Hohhot a private hospital operating table fare increase was punished doctors into salesman

The hospital doctor told Mr. Suo

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The next three days of cold air swept across the country in northern China haze gradually dissipated

Northern Xinjiang, northwest region of the eastern, southwest of the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, northern North China and the northeastern region and other places will have 4 ~ 8 ℃

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Sichuan man illegal home possession of 10 tons of wild field was suspended (Figure)

He Mou family has 7 species

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Russia's invasion of neighboring countries is a NATO routine horror story

Russian resident NATO representative Groshchko said

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Hubei Huanggang City People's Congress Director Long Fuqing and other officials were dismissed or investigated

The provincial party committee has decided to remove the Xianning Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee deputy director

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Chiayi city sky clouds like feathers friends praise "too beautiful" (Figure)

Beauty to allow users to praise this is the angel wings fall feathers

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Oriental Star Shipwreck Accident: Three cables have been successfully penetrated into the hull

[Three cables have been successfully penetrated into the hull] to the hull as a whole righting

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Henan Puyang 3 people surrounded by Kentucky was the police administrative detention

Given Yuan Mouyong, Liu Mouyong administrative detention 13 days punishment

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Pig farmers do futures 18 months Kuangzhuan 120 million! The secrets are here

Cotton futures have been a wave up

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Shenzhen 3-year-old boy New Year's Eve nine door was abducted rookie successfully rescued

Finally found Weimou at 18 o'clock with children riding on the train to Wuchang

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China's economic growth rate of the global contribution rate of 27.8% of the world's first

Innovation and development, building an open world economy, improve the global economic governance

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