Farmers in the Taihang Mountains do not fall off

The majority of farmers cooperatives are employed by land or capital
In Baoding Yi County Tiangang walnut planting farmers professional cooperatives planting base, pull branches, weeding ... ... members in the Yiyuan recent busy day every day. In addition to get wages, after the era can also participate in dividends. Looking at the green walnut tree, Yu Jiyuan said he was full of confidence in getting rich. 26 to 27, Ben Wang follow the rule of governance in Hebei new practice - the national network media "go to change" interview group in Yi County, Laishui County interview found that the two sides in the development of farmers to explore a number of typical models , More and more poor farmers so get rid of the poor hat. Farmers cooperatives to help farmers increase Tian Gangcun is located in the mountains, the industrial base is weak, the village 326 households in 229 households for poor households. After the comprehensive study of the local government, combined with the village situation, the development of walnut industry as an important poverty alleviation initiatives. 2015, Tian Gang walnut cultivation farmers professional cooperatives set up. 70 years old in the era of the family only one acre of land "land shares" to become members of the cooperative. "Cooperatives to develop the land shares of the standard, an acre of land a year by 1,000 yuan, walnut is 14 years of growth cycle, which is equivalent to an acre of 14,000 yuan." Yu said that the enthusiasm of folks , Cooperatives quickly built 500 acres of thin-skinned walnut cultivation base. Due to older, in the village before the odd jobs in the village, one day earn about 30 yuan. After becoming a member, he began to work in the cooperative, "the daily income of 70 yuan to 100. Recently, mainly to the walnut tree pull branches, increase the gap between the branches." Yu Jiyuan side said dry, the hands of the live did not how stop. He said, now more points, walnut looks better, their dividends will be more. Like this farmer professional cooperatives, in the Taihang Mountains is not uncommon. Yixian Niugang Township Taitou Village aimed at the apple industry, in 2014 the establishment of the Yixian Xian Shuo fruit cultivation farmers professional cooperatives. Villagers to take land, capital and other forms of shares, has been completed 600 acres of apple cultivation base. At the end of the village of cattle Township has set up a total of seven fruit farmers to cultivate professional cooperatives, vigorously promote the cooperative economy. At present, the cooperative apple planting area of ​​2600 acres. Laishui County Baijian Village in recent years through the village of Bai Jian Xin Huilong rabbit farmers cooperatives to promote poor families to speed up poverty alleviation. Villagers shares, cooperatives responsible for unified management, sales, the villagers at home at the door to a stable income, there are dividends at the end. Data show that Laishui County has set up a farmer cooperation organization 459, of which 234 poverty alleviation industry cooperatives, poor households into the social rate has reached more than 90%. "Labor shares" model popular At present, the majority of farmers cooperatives in the way of shares is the use of land or funds shares, if individual poor households do not have or only a small amount of land, how to get out of poverty? "With labor shares." Yi County cattle Gangxiang party secretary Liu Yumin gave the answer. Liu Yumin said that the end of the village of Apple and fruit farmers planted farmers cooperatives to take the land, capital and labor "three shares" in the form of the purpose is to not let a poor people fall behind. "Land shares are more common, the end of the village is the annual income of 1,000 yuan per acre, Apple growth cycle of 20 years, equivalent to funding is 20,000 yuan." He said that the villagers can choose labor shares, is to participate in cooperative labor remuneration Direct shares to cooperatives. In fact, labor shares not only to the poor people without land to bring the hope of poverty alleviation, but also to other villagers to bring more choices. Taiwan village villagers Zhao Xiuping home two acres of seven points after the shares, but also labor shares 20,000 yuan. "Labor shares, the daily life of the family may be some tension, but after the dividend may be more, I think it is worth." Zhao Xiuping said. From the beginning of the dubious, to the land, the capital, the labor into the farmer professional cooperatives to go, Yixian, Laishui County and other places of the farmers to enhance the trust of cooperatives. Yu Jiyuan said that the land rent of cooperatives landed by 1,000 yuan per mu a year, compared to the previous three hundred or four hundred dollars to grow the annual income is much higher. He believes that cooperatives as a collective organization, more strength to do big industry, such as Tiangang walnut cultivation farmers professional cooperatives are now building walnut deep processing enterprises, the production of walnut, walnut oil and other tourism products. "The most important thing is to develop the agricultural industry is encouraged by the state, I believe that cooperatives getting better and better, can take everyone out of poverty and well-off."

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